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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama and Signing Statements

I'm clearly no fan of the compromise that the Republican leadership made with the Democrats of the 2011 budget. I don't think it cut enough, but I did like one part: it stripped the funding for many of Obama's czars, whom many people see as unconstitutional because they are bureaucrats, never confirmed by Congress with immense power.
Although Obama has used more czars with more power than many prior presidents, the issue right now is not the czars themselves.

The real problem is that Obama announced that he would use a presidential signing statement to ignore the provision of the deal stripping the funding for czars. This is dishonest if nothing else: the deal that Obama helped coordinate included this aspect, he got the Republicans to agree to it, and now he refuses to stick by it!

He used a similar ploy to try and avert the provision demanding that Guantanamo detainees never made it on American soil. In this case, he said he would "talk to Congress" about removing/ignoring it.

Does our president have any idea of what a deal is? To make matters worse, he promised to never, ever use signing statements as president. See for yourself!


  1. we're already calling the ryan plan 'the suicide note of the republican party'

  2. Just out of curiosity, why? It seems to be the only plan out there that deals with the federal debt as a significant problem, which it is. Thoughts?

  3. Everything Obama says seems to be a lie or deception. It is so frustrating.

    Right Truth

  4. You're right, but the up-side is that it's unlikely that voters will continue to favor his agenda come the 2011 and 2012 elections. It's forseeable that Republicans may once again hold all bracnhes over government by 2012.