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Monday, April 18, 2011

Looney Congressman Blames Ipad for Unemployment

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., has come out with an outlandish claim on the House floor: he says that the Ipad and Apple are killing American jobs.

1. Aren't liberals supposed to like "environmentally-friendly" tools that reduce paper use?
2. Since when is efficiency (and even he says the Ipad improves it) not a good thing!?
3. One of the jobs he mentions is being lost are that of librarians. Public sector workers. Taxpayer funded. If the taxpayers do not want them, why should they exist anyway?
4. Is he actually foolish enough to try to stifle innovation and increase the cost of goods (more people have to handle the production of paper books)? This is just like something out of Atlas Shrugged where trains were limited to a certain speed and a certain number of cars to make them hire more workers.
5. Simple economic reforms could have Ipads back being produced in America. He should not say that that is his goal because it obviously is not. Or at least I am guessing that this is not a guy who would support holding off increases in the minimum wage at the very least.

Watch and laugh at the silliness of some of our elected politicians:

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